Please … vote YES on Nov. 2!

On November 2, 2021, voters in the City of Sandpoint will decide whether to approve a 1% Local Option Tax on purchases made in the city, with the money dedicated to park improvements and sidewalk construction.

This modest tax would add 1 cent to a $1 purchase. Right now, only city residents pay for parks and sidewalks used by everyone who comes to our town – county residents, visitors and tourists alike. The 1% Local Option Tax is a fair way for those users to contribute to the facilities they use as much, or more, than the city residents themselves.

What the 1% LOT will fund

As supporters of the proposed 1% LOT, we believe that good parks and safe sidewalks make life here in Sandpoint better for us all – city residents as well as those who live outside city limits or are visiting our town.

Money raised in the 1% sales tax will be dedicated to a series of improvements for Sandpoint’s city parks and sidewalks that have been identified through master planning processes over the past several years.

See detailed information on how monies will be spent on the What Does It Fund page»

Why to vote YES

There are many compelling reasons why Sandpoint city residents should vote YES for the proposed 1% Local Option Tax to fund our parks and sidewalks.

It’s modest – and limited. The sales tax is only 1 percent – that’s 1 penny on the dollar. It adds only $1 to a purchase of $100. And it will expire in 7 years, unless residents vote again to extend it.

The LOT is essentially the only mechanism for city residents to share the financial burden for maintaining and improving parks and sidewalks that everyone who comes to town uses.

Each penny a city resident will pay in the tax will be matched many times over by purchases made by the far larger number of people who shop in town – and also use our parks and sidewalks, but don’t contribute to their cost. In fact, analysis indicates that of each dollar raised by the tax, 85 cents comes from non-city residents.

See more compelling reasons on the Why Vote Yes page»

Help & Donate!

This website and the “Vote Yes!” campaign is provided by a coalition of community organizations and individuals who support the 1% Local Option Tax proposal as a fair way for ALL the users of parks and sidewalks in Sandpoint can help share the cost of those facilities – instead of putting that cost on just the city residents.

    The Eureka Institute, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit group that supports lifelong learning for which access to the outdoors is critical, is accepting donations for the Yes for Parks and Sidewalks Campaign, with 100% of contributions going to the campaign. Click to donate.

Here are other ways you can help!
• Speak up! Write a letter to the editor, or make social media posts in support of the 1% LOT.
• Get a yard sign! Please email us if you’d like to put up a yard sign. Click to see one.
Add your name! Just email us and we’ll add your name as a supporter.
• Volunteer! We need hands and help with door-to-door, election day calls and more.

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